Tetracosactide Acetate

Article-No : P25106

Molecular Formula : FormulaC136H210N40O31SM


Synonyms/Alias : Cosyntropin; Tetracosactrin; α1-24-Corticotropin; ACTH(1-24); 1-24-ACTH; 1-24-Corticotropin; ACTH 1-24; ACTH1-24; Cortosyn; Cortrosyn; Tetracosactide; Tetracosapeptide; ACTH (1-24); Tetracosactid; Tetracosactide; Cortrosinta; Actholain; Cortrosyn; Synacthen; Nuvacthen depot; Cortrophin S

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(Arg)9 is a cell-permeable peptide used for drug delivery. It has been shown that poly-Arg peptides composed of 9 arginine residues are able to efficiently translocate across cells. It has also been shown in model systems that Arg-9 translocation involves nucleation of transient pores enabling flow of ions across the membrane, and that it's electrostatic attraction to the phosphate groups of membranes is a key property for its translocation.